The Pillars Trust Fund

Promoting strength within our local
Catholic communities and actions that support and increase vitality in all our parishes

For over 47 years, The Pillars Trust Fund and its volunteer board have raised funds necessary to support the growth and sustenance of the Montreal English Speaking Catholic Community. We invite you to learn more about us

Support for the Priests, the Youth and Adult Education at the Parish level have been the core services supported since 1972. Many more initiatives have been added since.

Through generous donations from the community, The Pillars Trust Fund has helped initiatives such as the Parish Vitality Conference, Gallup surveys at parishes and youth participation at Steubenville. Please donate generously to continue this support

From our blog

  • Working with Parishes during the Pandemic The pandemic brought about a shift change in the operations of all parishes in Montreal. A lot of conversations that the donations committee and board had with parishes and beneficiaries at the time, centred around enabling video communication and contact with parishioners. In the years coming out of the pandemic, the focus changed to programming on reengaging with parishioners. ...

  • Message from Delegates to World Youth Day – Mission Jeunesse Montreal, 2023 “We just wanted to say thank you so much for your donation. We’re here. We just finished the mission in mass at the end of World Youth Day 2023 in. We’re here in......

  •   FOR REGISTRATION: Click the image above to be taken to the registration page! We are excited to have you join us for a Christmas Concert this December, hosted by the Pillars Trust Fund in partnership with the Newman Chapel Choir, The Sacred Heart School......