Pillars Trust is seeking an Executive Director

Pillars Trust is seeking an Executive Director

Since 1972, the Pillars Trust Fund has been providing financial support to the English-speaking Catholic community of Montreal by raising money to subsidize or pay the costs for students to enrich their spiritual, social and intellectual growth; for adults to participate in directed retreats; for seminarians; and for children to attend summer camp. It also supports the English Speaking Catholic Council, founded in 1981 as a charitable non-profit to serve as the voice of the English Catholic community of Greater Montreal and beyond.

The Pillars Trust Fund is seeking an Executive Director. The organization has a mission to serve the English-speaking Catholic community by supporting clergy, the parishes and social action and to move toward the increased use of digital communication tools. Fundraising, strategic plan implementation and financial oversight are the main areas of responsibility for this role.

The Executive Director will report to the president of the Board of Directors and have one full time employee to manage. He or she will be supported by all members of the Board either directly or in committee format while engaging with the community to improve our online presence and showcase our efforts.

Interested applicants should send their CV and cover letter to the attention of the President of the Board of Directors at admin@pillarstrust.org. 2005 rue St- Marc, Montreal, QC, H3H 2G8

A full description of the job requirements, responsibilities and skills can be downloaded here.

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