Ways to Give

Here are some great ways that you can donate to Pillars Trust that you can do at any point!

Give Online

The most convenient way to give to Pillars Trust is to make a quick online donation by clicking the link below! All donations of $10 or more will be given a tax receipt.

Give through Mail

Download our donation form here or make your cheque out to “Pillars Trust Fund” and send it to:

The Pillars Trust Fund
2005 St. Marc Street
Montreal, QC H3H 2G8

Gift of Securities

By directly transferring your securities to Pillars Trust, you don’t pay income tax and we receive the entire value of your gift. This can usually be done online, and you will receive tax credit as well as a tax receipt for 100% of the fair market value of the day that the securities are directly transferred.

Gift of Life Insurance

There are several ways to give the gift of life insurance:

Transfer the property of your existing life insurance policy: You can make Pillars Trust the irrevocable beneficiary of your current policy. Following this, tax receipts will be given to you for any insurance premiums you pay thereafter as well as for the market value of the policy, including the interests and other accumulated dividends.

Make Pillars Trust the irrevocable beneficiary of a new life insurance policy: This also has key benefits. You will receive tax receipts for the yearly insurance premium paid. Pillars Trust will also be able to leverage your gift through the receiving of significantly more than your cumulative premiums paid upon your passing.

Make Pillars Trust the beneficiary of your death insurance: You to maintain ownership of the policy and the tax receipt for the premiums paid will be given to your estate – greatly benefiting them with major savings in income tax.

Bequeath to Pillars Trust the equivalent of the death benefit of your life insurance policy: At your passing, your heirs will inherit the death benefit through a tax receipt that will be issued for the amount of your bequest.


Put Pillars Trust in your will! By making a charitable bequest, it doesn’t cost you anything in the present and allows you to continue a legacy after your death. It is possible to reduce taxes due at death, and a bequest can be of anything! In making a will, you get the ultimate decision on where your assets go upon your death. Plus, you can change the terms of your will at any time.

In Memoriam Gift

You can give a gift in the name of a loved one to both continue their good works and ensure that their legacy lives on. For any gift $10 and over, you will receive a tax receipt.
There are always more ways to give, feel free to give us a call at (514) 937-2301 ext. 255 with any questions!


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